Art Goes to School
Owen J Roberts School District
  1. Managing Director
    Portfolio Sample: Pierre Auguste Renoir, Girl with Watering Can, 1876 National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
  2. Managing Director
    Portfolio Sample: Alexander Calder, The Man, 1967 Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montreal, Canada
  3. Managing Director
    Portfolio Sample: Lyonel Feininger, Yellow Street, 1917 Montreal Museum of the Fine Arts, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  4. Managing Director
    Portfolio selection: Pablo Picasso, Still Life with Compote and Glass, 1914-1915 Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio
  5. Managing Director
    Portfolio Sample: Edward Hicks, The Peaceable Kingdom, 1833-34 Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, NY
  6. Managing Director
    Portfolio Sample: Wayne Theibauld, Cake Counter, 1963 National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
  7. Managing Director
    Portfolio Sample: Ancient Egyptian, Mummy Case of Lady Teshat, c. 1085-710 BCE Minneapolis Institute of the Arts, Minneapolis, MN
  8. Managing Director
    Portfolio Sample: Paul Cezanne, House at Aix-en-Provence, 1882-85 National Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
  9. Managing Director
    Portfolio Sample: Quentin Metsys, Moneychanger and His Wife, 1514 Louvre, Paris, France
  10. Managing Director
    Portfolio Sample: Andre Derain, Banks of the Seine, 1905 Centre Pompidou- Musee National d'Art Moderne, Paris, France
  11. Managing Director
    Portfolio Sample: Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Saltimbanques, 1905 National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
  12. Managing Director
    Portfolio Sample: Marc Chagall, Self Portrait with White Collar, 1914 Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA
  13. Managing Director
    Portfolio Selection: MC Escher Band of Union, 1956 National Gallery of Canada
  14. Managing Director
    Portfolio selection: Henry Thomas Moore, Family Group, 1948
  15. Managing Director
    Portfolio Sample: M.C. Escher, Sphere Angels and Devils Tessellation, 1960 Reproduction, adapted in 2009
  16. Managing Director
    Handmade ornaments by AGTS Volunteer Barb Rambo
  17. Managing Director
    Volunteers enjoy Holiday Party fun - Pollyanna style!
  18. Managing Director
    Leah likes her new present- hope nobody swipes it! Pollyanna gift exchange is one way our members celebrate the winter holidays.
  19. Managing Director
    Director of Berman Museum, Charlie Stainback, welcomes AGTS members from several regional chapters
  20. Managing Director
    Sitting Figure, 1962 (bronze) by Lynn Chadwick, a sampling from the AGTS multi-chapter outing to the Berman Museum at Ursinus College
  21. Managing Director
    AGTS OJR members enjoy an outing to the Berman Museum at Ursinus College in Collegeville, PA
  22. Managing Director
    Blue Moon, Pondicherry, 2010 by Louise Despont, a sampling from AGTS joint outing to Berman Gallery, Ursinus College
  23. Managing Director
    Several OJR Chapter Members attending AGTS 50th Anniversary Celebration at the PA Academy of Fine Arts
  24. Managing Director
    Portfolio Sample: Paul Cezanne, Still Life with Apples and Peaches, 1905 National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
  25. Managing Director
    Members gather to learn about artists, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Agnes Tait, at the Warwick Building.
  26. Managing Director
    Philadelphia Mural Arts Program Trolley Tour; Artist, Michelle Ortiz (corner of 14th & Callowhill; Philadelphia)
  27. Managing Director
    Members enjoyed some creative, healthy treats at a recent Fall meeting!
  28. Managing Director
    Our Mascot, Artie, signals the arrival of AGTS in the Owen J Roberts district elementary buildings